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General Specifications:

• Compatible with different types of AC/DC doors (BUS folding, SEMATIC, SELECOM 220 and MERIH) ;
• Suitable for traction elevators with Two speeds and VVVF motors up to 1.6 m/s ;
• Suitable for lift systems with up to 32 floors;
• Supporting group control with up to 8 lifts.

Technical Specifications:

• Equipped with Yaskawa (closed loop) drive;
• Operability and interworking with different drive power ranges (7.5, 11, 15 and 18.5 KW);
• Energy saving and costs reduction by using VVVF drive types;
• Car positioning with motor encoder and no need of deploying mechanical switches;
• Equipped with emergency rescue feature with UPS;
• Assigning VIP calls up to 10 floors and prioritizing special calls (In accordance with the particular organizations);
• Capability of having CANBus pushbutton connections;
• Supporting pre-opening of the car doors;
• Capability of having connection to weight sensors to improve motion quality;
• Comfortable & Smooth movement;
• Conforming with EN81-1;
• 18 months warranty;
• Dimension (considering 7.5KW drive): 28"W x 10"D x 32"H.

Hydraulic/Traction Traction
Synchronous/Asynchronous Asynchronous
Max Speed 1.6
Max Supported Floors (including inspection box) 32
Max Supported Floors (without inspection box) 8 (Inspection Box is Mandatory)
Service mode Selective
Down Collective
Main Floor
Full Collective
Door Number 2
Drive Yaskawa
Rescue Operation
Rescue type Singel Phase UPS
Warranty 18Months
After Sales Services 10Years
Control Mode Closed Loop
Deceleration Type Sensor/Motor Encoder Pulses
Manual Operation NO
Pre-Opening Of The Car Doors YES
Governor Test Box
Releveling Capability
CANBus Connection Capability Custom-Built
Canceling COP Calls Second Press

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