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About Arian Asansor

Arian Asansor Co. was established in 1992 as the first manufacturer of lift microprocessor control system in Iran. Having enjoyed the cooperation of experienced engineers and experts in electronic, the company owns a considerable portion of the market through production diversity and applying modern sales and marketing techniques and strategies.
Underlining the importance of its R&D as the main axis to approach self sufficiency goals, quality improvement, compliance with global standards such as EN 81 and as the first company which could achieve ISO 9001:2000 in lift industry in Iran, Arian Asansor has always tried to meet the satisfaction of its clients more than before.
To gain satisfaction of the customer, the company has not only improved the quantity and quality of after sale services, but in addition to training the customers, it has also initiated to provide 24 hour services. Arian Asansor Co. has always made an effort to play its role in reduction of energy consumption and environment maintenance through presentation of inverter equipped control systems.

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